Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mad Happenings

**original and unrevised piece**

There was a strange woman and a strange man. The woman, on all fours, barked incoherently, and people obediently kept their distance.

I walked up. "what is wrong with her?" I asked the man.

He raised his nose in his reply, "simply stick out your hand boy, she doesn't bite."

I slowly extended my trembling fingers towards her. To my surprise, after the woman was through with her barking and had noticed my feeble act, she stuck her nose forward, sniffed, and then gingerly licked my hand.

I yanked my hand back and instantly wiped the grime onto my pant leg, disgusted at what was taking place, but the man stopped me. "do not be startled!" he sounded desperate, "she likes you."

The woman crouched lower to the ground, promptly sticking out her tongue as she backed her rear next to me and looks up expectingly.

"well," said the man as he briskly departed, "she's all yours."