Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bound by silence

All in all I am bound by silence,
It is that that truly defines me.
To keep out what I can,
To let in what ever wills it,
But this silent presence,
Is not truly marked by glee.
It is not the wings of the mind,
The birth of ideas,
No, it is the unspoken truths
that take this time to haunt me.

I have been chosen,
But to be the only one chosen,
Does not make me special,
But merely lonely.
I have no hope of a simple understanding,
A knowledge or determination of learning what others find mandatory.

But this is all bound just by my silence,
It does not enhance my perfection,
It does not slow my progression.
But silence inspires each word I speak.
Silence is my link, the key to my poetry.

I am determined of one thing,
That this shall be a statement,
No questioning or demanding or retorting.
And this statement is fact,
That I am bound by my silence,
I am blessed by yours,
And It is vital to my stimulation.

I can't speak,
I am bound by silence,
Even if I did, I would be unheard,
Because I am marked by my insignificance.

Monday, October 10, 2011

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