Thursday, September 1, 2011

A sneak peak to The prequel to my book, the hunter.

A small cloud parted in the night sky to excuse the moons late night appearance. Then the stars awoke with a twinkling gleam, assuring the nights presence, and stared at the moons surface.
trees are noble folk, but at night they are frozen wolves. Packs of these ravenous splinters were clustered on the silent hills of Naelkrad. A thin line of dark woods trailed toward the limits of the Naelkrad kingdom and united with the darklean forest as their shadows grew to giants.
One shadow stood for itself and it departed, walking as one form toward the castle with evident pride in it's mission. Then a mist flew in, grabbing desperately to the thin icy breeze blowing in from the east. It shrouded the figure entirely until it disappeared into the cloudy ambiance...


  1. So, I want to know when this book, "Hunter", is coming out...this sounds really interesting. =)

  2. Hopefully I can finish it sometime next year at the latest. The name of the book is the hunter until I can think of anything better. But I only have the first six chapters so far
    Eventually I will put my whole book on my blog