Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chapter 2 sneak peak

The change, thought the hunter as he bounded down the tuffs and fields of the downhill walkway leading to the Darklean forest, reminded him of the nightmares. It was the same fear that seemed to strangle his heart, the same terrifying feeling that he felt in both occurrences. And he wondered briefly if they were a sign, a prediction of what's to come. Coming up to the forest he felt a sudden magnetic pull, drawing him in towards the trees. The lure came strait from the heart of the forest, and it lightly drew him closer and closer until he found himself surrounded in a speckled darkness of trees, and leaves that blanketed the sky, branches hanging from the broken ceiling. It all happened in minutes that passed by in seconds, and the hunter felt a sudden rush of wind and suddenly the pulling stopped, and the hunter started to wonder if it was ever really there.
He was in unknown territory now, and the beating of his heart became evident in his ears, growing louder and louder until it echoed off of the trees, threatening to wake the darklean that dwelled in their roots. The hunter stood still, holding his breath, yet darting his eyes across the dim and shrouded scene around him. Minutes passed and when he sensed that it was clear, he moved swiftly, flying up a nearby tree to get a point or direction of where he was. After managing to climb up the tall dark trunk, he burst through the thick green canopy, and glance around. His mouth flew open at what he saw: He was in a valley of sorts, and there were trees as far as he could see through the foggy mist that was cast over the dark green hills. He was lost. Lost in a world of danger, and peril, and he was merely over looking the pillars and braches of an unknown hell in some strange yet identified land. He was in the land of the feared. The only realm of darkness that could escape Gods grasp. He was in the heart of the Darklean forest.
The only word the could pop out among all the fear, darkness, and clustered evil, was how; how did he end up here, in this black and shrouded heart of trees and darkness, when he only walked but half a mile into the familiar parts of this dangerous domain? This was impossibly magical and tragic; yet, the hunter saw not a single darklean, or any of the other dark rumored creatures that dwelled here. It was like there was some nearby aurora of good that held back all of the evil, and whatever it was, thought the hunter, it way have been enough to cause a stir in the darkness, and a stir in nature, identical to the one he felt at his cabin. The hunter, suddenly filled with a desire to learn the cause of the change, climbed down from his makeshift watch tower and started walking, heading for the source of this power.
Immediately, the aurora grew stronger, and the hunter was surprised at the ease of his progress towards his current destination, and before long he felt it as if it were all around him. It wasn't hard though, it was like standing in the eye of a storm, and he was in the one place where he felt a peace of mind. The trees were a brighter green, and the smell of flowers and pollen heated the air. Birds were singing, and butterflies were displaying their delicate wings. The hunter was surrounded in the most impossibly peaceful scenery that the strength of the harmony made him catch his breath, and there, under a shining pillar of sunlight, was a long bow.

Then end of chapter 6 sneak peak

Sethron had only been following the darklean for a hour before he lost him. so he just kept walking in the same direction until he saw the shadowed figure of the rogue. The darklean just stood there, lost in thought, as sethron looked around. Under the moonlight Sethron saw that they were on a small hill over looking a countryside with the forest to their back. Down to the left was a small town with speckled firelight reveiling the wooden fences put up against the outside wild. The darkleans main attention seemed to be directed to the right. Sethron stared in that dirction confused because there was nothing signifigant about what he saw; a dark country side.
"Do you see it?" said the darklean, there was a harsh yet regreting tone in his voice. the curious way that he asked the question and the abruptness caught Sethron off guard.
"See what? i only see darkness."
"Look closer, shape out the darkness, shape out the shadows." Just as the darklean said that the milky darkness came to life with shrowded figures lined up in rows each figure slightly shorter than a man. the figures advanced and then parted, spreading out in different directions as if they were searching the feild and the forest.
"What is that? theres dozens of them." Sethron mouth was agape with horror and awe when a part of them advanced toward them and swept quickly in their direction. Sethron got his first glance at what they were, shadows nothing more, nothing less, just shadows standing alone. he repeted his question, "what is that?"
"Run!" the darklean disapeared in the forest.
"Wait" Sethron charged in after him with his sync drawn ready for any emediate action. He quickly caught up with the darklean. the darklean, being a rogue, instinctively headed towards his own territory on the other side of the forest, but just as Sethron caught up with him he came to his scences and changed course west towards Elkiston.

The darklean forest was the center of the world. its own endless country that stretched it's fingers through the four major countries on this side of the larky sea. after the darklean forest is the light wood, a massive area of dead trees as large as the darklean forest and naelkrad combined.
if you reached the light wood, then you were lost and needed to turn back.
the light wood was a home for scavengers and a death trap for travelers, nomads, and refugees; dont go to the light wood. that was Sethrons thoughts as he considered what his real destination was, or if he would ever reach one. his words from the day before yesterday replayed in his mind as he saw the complete truth in what was a joke at the time."...i may know where to start, but i haven't the slightest clue where to begin." The darklean proved to be little help, he had to stay within the shadows of the forest or he would be torn apart from the sunlight. or so he said, but I think he would merely be uncovered and reveil his true form, if thats so terrible.
Sethron was slowly drawing away from the green landscape and drawing into a more barren terrain. the long grass soon became large tufts of dead grass and the dirt dried down to dust.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the hunter...chapter seven sneak peak

Sethron had knew for days that he was being tracked, just small signs that gave it away, There would be an unexplained dust cloud behind him or he would glimps firelight on some nights. But Sethron didn't know who was following him, why, or how many there were. He made sure to cover his tracks and backtrack occasionally to throw them off, but it never failed; the signs, they were always there, he couldn't help but notice them.
the sun always seemed to rise up higher in the desert. It was dangerously hot, Sethron was feel the full force of the heat wave under his layers of garments. At night the temperature plummeted to a chilling below zero, so he had to dress heavy.
that night, the wind changed direction and blew in from the north. Sethron sat south of the campfire he had built from small twigs and part of a dead tree, sheilded from the wind. One of the great mysteries of the desert, is that no matter where the wind came from, fires always flickered to the west as if wind from the east was blowing it. Sethron had heard many legends of the desert- this being one of them- and he was still suprized by the evedence, Because no sooner had he sparked up a fire then the little flame pointed humbly to the west when without a doubt the wind was blowing harshly from the north.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

when i knew i wanted to be a writer.

I knew that I wanted to be a writer in February of 2011. I didn’t want to write just a fun story here and there but a novel. It was a nice day and fairly windy, I was outside at church preserving the setting that I now describe to you, in my mind. I watched the wind and how it brushed through the trees, and tried to see the depth in it; I tried to describe it. Then, I pulled out my phone and typed seven words that started this wild fantasy novel, now standing 23 pages and climbing. “The wind blew in from the East…”
          That day, I set out to dominate my own mid-evil world with chaos and shadows, then those shadows would fade and be dominated by light. As I wrote, my imagination folded over my stress and my depression. My fictional story shielded me from my life story, and now daydreaming is an occupation, rather than a habit.
          I wrote slowly, and started showing my work to my friends, family, and to my language teacher Mrs. Lowry. A couple months after that, I was progressing to the sixth chapter and my mom wanted me to email me what I have of my book so she can send it to some writer I had never heard of. So my mom sends the first six chapters to Charles W. Sasser, the top writer in Oklahoma, and he saw potential in the plot and story. He liked my writing and he was very supportive. He invited me to his ranch where he showed me his used bookstore he calls a library. He then showed me his office where he writes and gave me a lot of helpful tips that I find myself constantly referencing. He gave me a book he wrote, “Magic Steps to Writing Success” this helped me realize that I wanted to be a writer, and why I did.
          For my birthday, his son and my moms dance instructor, Darren, gave me an ipad so I can write in my room. It came with a case and a keyboard. I’m getting back into the habit of writing and I have almost finished the sixth chapter to my book, “The Hunter.” I also have created a blog that I have part of the prologue to my book and other poems I wrote, and I am really thankful for all the support I have gotten from my friends, family, and teachers…

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just hang on.

Tears, running down your face,
And unlocking your hearts to
Finish the race.

Blood, gambling for your soul,
And cushioning carnality to
Keep you unwhole.

Love, distracting death, with
It's beautiful malice that
Protects your last breath.

Screams, pure but cracked,
That hide from fear while
Your faith is attacked.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A sneak peak to The prequel to my book, the hunter.

A small cloud parted in the night sky to excuse the moons late night appearance. Then the stars awoke with a twinkling gleam, assuring the nights presence, and stared at the moons surface.
trees are noble folk, but at night they are frozen wolves. Packs of these ravenous splinters were clustered on the silent hills of Naelkrad. A thin line of dark woods trailed toward the limits of the Naelkrad kingdom and united with the darklean forest as their shadows grew to giants.
One shadow stood for itself and it departed, walking as one form toward the castle with evident pride in it's mission. Then a mist flew in, grabbing desperately to the thin icy breeze blowing in from the east. It shrouded the figure entirely until it disappeared into the cloudy ambiance...

Time suspended.

The walls of time are tested by the limits of outer space,
Cut off from all reality this miracle takes place,
A small inclosed domain that is the shadow of the sun,
The outline of the galaxies where galaxies begun,
The thunder before lightning,
Beginning after end,
With a never ending height,
And no bottom to begin,
An empty realm of darkness,
A black hole hidden in shadow,
A heavy force, a dreamy bliss,
A scary but hopeful hallow.
A dry cloud covered in a moisturizing cloak,
An untouched hand of shrouded heat,
With an icy cold stroke,
Time, suspended.
What does it men for your eyes to glaze?
When your arms fall down with your head not raised.
Is this a plague that comes and stays?
Is death a disease that only betrays?

If god sets your heart ablaze,
Will only your heads and hands then raise?
Will your carnal spirit play your game?
Will your heart stay exactly the same?
Or will you fall in love with the God above
And cover your face with shame?

With a blistered soul and a tampered heart,
Can you proudly say till death do I part?
Ask yourself, 'is this for real?
Is this my sacrifice to seal the deal?'
So as you go to a place to kneel,
Remember the promise that's given to you,
Receive the power,
Remain true.

You see The nature of my love.

Every time a lily sighs
The smell of spring
does all but dies,
And a fox as sly
As a dragon fly,
Can't take away
the spring in your eyes.

What falls in autumn,
Will jump in spring,
And the tumbling leaves,
Will bring up trees,
Like a knife that cuts
Through open air,
I feel your eyes,
But not your stare.

Just as the man on the moon,
Has hung on and still can,
I will always love you
With all that I am.