Wednesday, September 7, 2011

when i knew i wanted to be a writer.

I knew that I wanted to be a writer in February of 2011. I didn’t want to write just a fun story here and there but a novel. It was a nice day and fairly windy, I was outside at church preserving the setting that I now describe to you, in my mind. I watched the wind and how it brushed through the trees, and tried to see the depth in it; I tried to describe it. Then, I pulled out my phone and typed seven words that started this wild fantasy novel, now standing 23 pages and climbing. “The wind blew in from the East…”
          That day, I set out to dominate my own mid-evil world with chaos and shadows, then those shadows would fade and be dominated by light. As I wrote, my imagination folded over my stress and my depression. My fictional story shielded me from my life story, and now daydreaming is an occupation, rather than a habit.
          I wrote slowly, and started showing my work to my friends, family, and to my language teacher Mrs. Lowry. A couple months after that, I was progressing to the sixth chapter and my mom wanted me to email me what I have of my book so she can send it to some writer I had never heard of. So my mom sends the first six chapters to Charles W. Sasser, the top writer in Oklahoma, and he saw potential in the plot and story. He liked my writing and he was very supportive. He invited me to his ranch where he showed me his used bookstore he calls a library. He then showed me his office where he writes and gave me a lot of helpful tips that I find myself constantly referencing. He gave me a book he wrote, “Magic Steps to Writing Success” this helped me realize that I wanted to be a writer, and why I did.
          For my birthday, his son and my moms dance instructor, Darren, gave me an ipad so I can write in my room. It came with a case and a keyboard. I’m getting back into the habit of writing and I have almost finished the sixth chapter to my book, “The Hunter.” I also have created a blog that I have part of the prologue to my book and other poems I wrote, and I am really thankful for all the support I have gotten from my friends, family, and teachers…

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