Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the hunter...chapter seven sneak peak

Sethron had knew for days that he was being tracked, just small signs that gave it away, There would be an unexplained dust cloud behind him or he would glimps firelight on some nights. But Sethron didn't know who was following him, why, or how many there were. He made sure to cover his tracks and backtrack occasionally to throw them off, but it never failed; the signs, they were always there, he couldn't help but notice them.
the sun always seemed to rise up higher in the desert. It was dangerously hot, Sethron was feel the full force of the heat wave under his layers of garments. At night the temperature plummeted to a chilling below zero, so he had to dress heavy.
that night, the wind changed direction and blew in from the north. Sethron sat south of the campfire he had built from small twigs and part of a dead tree, sheilded from the wind. One of the great mysteries of the desert, is that no matter where the wind came from, fires always flickered to the west as if wind from the east was blowing it. Sethron had heard many legends of the desert- this being one of them- and he was still suprized by the evedence, Because no sooner had he sparked up a fire then the little flame pointed humbly to the west when without a doubt the wind was blowing harshly from the north.

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