Thursday, September 29, 2011

Then end of chapter 6 sneak peak

Sethron had only been following the darklean for a hour before he lost him. so he just kept walking in the same direction until he saw the shadowed figure of the rogue. The darklean just stood there, lost in thought, as sethron looked around. Under the moonlight Sethron saw that they were on a small hill over looking a countryside with the forest to their back. Down to the left was a small town with speckled firelight reveiling the wooden fences put up against the outside wild. The darkleans main attention seemed to be directed to the right. Sethron stared in that dirction confused because there was nothing signifigant about what he saw; a dark country side.
"Do you see it?" said the darklean, there was a harsh yet regreting tone in his voice. the curious way that he asked the question and the abruptness caught Sethron off guard.
"See what? i only see darkness."
"Look closer, shape out the darkness, shape out the shadows." Just as the darklean said that the milky darkness came to life with shrowded figures lined up in rows each figure slightly shorter than a man. the figures advanced and then parted, spreading out in different directions as if they were searching the feild and the forest.
"What is that? theres dozens of them." Sethron mouth was agape with horror and awe when a part of them advanced toward them and swept quickly in their direction. Sethron got his first glance at what they were, shadows nothing more, nothing less, just shadows standing alone. he repeted his question, "what is that?"
"Run!" the darklean disapeared in the forest.
"Wait" Sethron charged in after him with his sync drawn ready for any emediate action. He quickly caught up with the darklean. the darklean, being a rogue, instinctively headed towards his own territory on the other side of the forest, but just as Sethron caught up with him he came to his scences and changed course west towards Elkiston.

The darklean forest was the center of the world. its own endless country that stretched it's fingers through the four major countries on this side of the larky sea. after the darklean forest is the light wood, a massive area of dead trees as large as the darklean forest and naelkrad combined.
if you reached the light wood, then you were lost and needed to turn back.
the light wood was a home for scavengers and a death trap for travelers, nomads, and refugees; dont go to the light wood. that was Sethrons thoughts as he considered what his real destination was, or if he would ever reach one. his words from the day before yesterday replayed in his mind as he saw the complete truth in what was a joke at the time."...i may know where to start, but i haven't the slightest clue where to begin." The darklean proved to be little help, he had to stay within the shadows of the forest or he would be torn apart from the sunlight. or so he said, but I think he would merely be uncovered and reveil his true form, if thats so terrible.
Sethron was slowly drawing away from the green landscape and drawing into a more barren terrain. the long grass soon became large tufts of dead grass and the dirt dried down to dust.

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