Thursday, June 20, 2013


I made a mistake,
I chose the wrong girl
I looked at her face
and I saw beauty of the world.
But before I realized
Our fates were not alined,
Instead of using my eyes
I should've looked with my mind.

You see,
Beauty's just the cover,
You gotta read the book,
You can't claim your lover
Based on how they look.
We had nothing in common,
And we had nothing to gain,
And now that we're separate
Im truly ashamed.

I can see myself now,
Running from the sin,
Hiding from the mistakes
I never should've commit.
And as the morning breaks,
And I'm alone in my pain,
I wonder if she wakes
And feels the same shame.

I can't trust my eyes,
Because they only deceive,
They only feed the lies
My heart wants to perceive.
And now as I'm writing,
I interpret my emotions,
Because instead of crying,
Instead of heartbreak...
I just think, it was all a mistake.

1 comment:

  1. Very good! I've been where you're at... A righteous man falls 7 times, but gets up 8. Its the getting up that counts... Proud of you Logan! :-)