Saturday, August 20, 2011

My begining

I'm new to this "blogging' thing so im just gonna start out with the title.. my begining. I'm a writer, well at least I claim to be but I can only varify that by me saying that I love to write. Doesn't that ultimately define a true writer? My talents are only limited by my discipline in writing and by my vocabulary. My knowledge in writing is only conceived by the consumption of other pieces. I'm interested in a diversity of genres of writing including poetry, fantasy, science fiction, and most other varieties of fiction. I seldom read a book I don't enjoy. Charles Sasser helped me to realize that by reading diversity, I can write in diversity. At times I have trouble grasping the true reality in life but Mr.Sasser also told me that by knowing whats real you know how to make it unreal, by knowing the science you can make it science fiction. I have altered this concept to many things including architecture and music. But writing is all I wish to post on this blog.

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